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We’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic clients since 2001

Jane Baker specialises in performance and motivational psychology for both individuals and teams.

Jane’s objective is to encourage and motivate individuals so that they become creative in their approach, identify and take ownership of solutions, prioritise their goals and develop strategies to achieve them.

Steppes Coaching & Development
26th May 2016
Jane Baker
Steppes Coaching & Development

Here's what Steppes Coaching & Development have to say about us:

Having coached Thomas Design on the LEAD programme it was very clear that their dedication and support to their clients was second to none. Their ability to understand client's needs and the ability to talk a "simple language" to us non-techy's whilst giving 110% customer service was outstanding . I would highly recommend Thomas Design if you are looking for a creative and innovative look for your business.Most importantly, you can certainly trust Thomas Design to deliver and get a return on your investment in a very short time.